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Eddie Scott Yazzie (18)

We are Corn People

May God bless you,

All My Relations, let the water people dance, those in the Dark World inside Mother Earth, The Thunder Beings and The People of Mother.

Today is my birthday. I am forty-six years old now. As a Native American, Navajo, the history of man has given me insight to people from all walks of life. I am blessed. Never has a foreigner of minority, like Orientals, Arabic, Russian, Scottish, and African by blood treated me bad, except one, my fifth grade teacher Mr.…


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Today is Monday, February 3, 2014, one day closer

To the people of the world,

We are born into a world of sin, a place full of lying, stealing, killing, where one can become selfish.

My mother once told me that when she was a child living with her grandparents, they would travel for three days by wagon, what today now takes an hour and a half by vehicle. She said "When we ran into another Navajo, or even another Native American, greeting them with a hug of love because you knew you survived the killing and that there were very…


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Please sign my petition

Enough is enough, we are HUMAN BEINGS!

Thank you,

Eddie Scott Yazzie

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Today, I see the C.C.S.G. and do see the modern day Roman Slave Guard

And God said "These people who tell you the Russians and the Chinese are bad people, they killed your ancestors, they took control of your land, the water, the food, the money, and even the sky, they control you like slaves. This is modern day slavery and these people tell you the world is bad. How do you not know the world will treat you better than these people have treated you? I will set you free from these modern day Romans and will destroy them, tell them what I am going to do, they…


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Just like you

To the People of the World,

And God said " The acknowledgement of being from another human being is the greatest gift of all, all the other things come and go, but the gift of acknowledgement last even into the Spirit World and Heaven, it last forever ".

There are children in the world right now looking for food, a place to sleep, just to be acknowledged and loved.

I love all of you, because like my skin, it is different, I am blessed and special, just like…


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The pain in my heart has given me strength

Ever been hurt so bad, you don't care about what people think, especially when they seem to appear out of nowhere?

I guess that's the reason many people commit to a slow death, even if they know people around will get hurt, people die everyday. There are days were I feel like an animal, mainly because we as human beings go along with the sun and the moon, it gives the notice of how short life really is.

I am finally going to write the truth about what I think.



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"Teach them"

Recently, many have started to treat me a little different in a good way, it's different. The line was drawn one second into December 1, 2012, I even gave an open invitation to all in the world and not one person took my offer, it was about FAITH!

Today, I feel more confident than ever, more because of the things I have revealed years ago on the Internet and to see it happen is a confirmation of what is coming because The Creator spoke of it happening in the future.

I just returned…


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All My Relations,

I fear GOD!

Even the children are dreaming of the EARTHQUAKES, it is going to happen, because God spoke of it. There are many things which have happened in which God described to me, but there is one more than anything which is in my heart, the pain is real, but also know that my love is real, no matter what happens, I love people.

If only there was…


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Memorial Day has a different meaning for me

It was 1997 or 1998, maybe even 1996, but the timeline I was told about seems to have come and pass, maybe I should have started in the year 2,000 on counting the years God described in revealing the truth of gifts.

If it was 1995, then it would be 18 years,

If it was 1997, it would be 16 years,

If it was 1998, then it would be 15 years,

but if it's 2,000, then it's only 13 years and I will have to live through this another 4 more years and would be dead by then,…


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If you read this

God is real and spoke of you and all that you would do, it hurts, but i still love you with all of my heart and soul.

If you read this, I know you love me, but more importantly for you to know in your mind, heart and soul is that I care for you and will love you for the rest of my life!

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Money talks and everything else walks

After all these years of speaking of God and all He has given me has turned everyone against me, my co-workers, family and so called friends have called me crazy and now have isolated themselves from me, but that's okay.

All I wanted was to be loved truly, for me, not for money and yet everyday more is revealed in reasons beyond love.

I own nothing, no home, no land, nothing, so I don't blame you for not wanting to have anything with me, money talks and everything else…


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You are truly blessed

There are people in my life described by God, people who would help me, and all along the help was for my heart to become strong in my decisions in the future.

It's knowing the future and watching it unfold just as The Lord my God has spoken saying "I put these people in your life, they are good people, I will put good people in your life and they will help you. You will learn of their hearts and see truly what they want in return, but there will be one who will teach you about your…


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I am alone

For many years I have written about being blessed by God and it's just as He spoke to me saying "All of your family, friends will give up on you, they will think your crazy when you speak of me and all that I have given you".

My heart is in pain from knowing I am alone.

The feeling I have inside is one that has made me sad, mostly because the people I care for and love the most have turned their backs on me, but I still and will love them for the rest of my life.

I let…


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Good bye

My dear friends,

God is not a liar.


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What if I pray for life everyday, only because I believe in God, and Jesus being tortured for me

I am ready.

I feel blessed to have lived in a place my elders say is the original home of The Creator, living in Canyon De Chelly, the White House on the South Rim being home.

Within the Four Sacred Mountains of North America, this is where The Holy People still come to Earth and physically leave footprints in the Earth where they appear, home to my people and given by God with a promise of no more killing of our people.

I have learned about myself, not even I can do…


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Everyone in my life does it for themselves

God told me I was going to die at the age of forty-eight, my birthday is in three days, all I can think about is how alone I feel right now.

God told me to study people fourteen years ago, from the heart, all I have encountered is selfishness. People who do things for self gain, greed, and not one person has been truly honest with me. I honestly fell like I am living in hell, it used to be a good place, at times it feels like heaven, but only when I see things made by God, all things…


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Thank you for helping me, I will soon help you

Thank you for helping me, God spoke of you years ago, and soon I will help you.

Years ago, God spoke of me and then to me, today everything He has said has happened, only a few more things to come. All it has done is given me strength, especially inside as a man, a human being, my heart is full of forgiveness, only because I love people and and I fear GOD!

I now understand why God is doing it this way.

And God said to me 'Everyday people pray and ask me for money, all…


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Was it a foul ball or strike three? I am loosing my sight of seeing you, I am going blind.

Like a fog, I can't see what is suppose to be, this game is getting very old, I don't want to play anymore, I am going blind and can't see you. Was it a foul ball or strike three, I can't hear anything.

I love you.

Fourteen years ago, GOD talked to my uncle and me, promising me more wealth than anyone in the history of the Bible, it is coming true.

The Creator of all life told me to study people, to separate all who are corrupt and greedy from the ones who really have…


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