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Thank you for helping me, I will soon help you

Thank you for helping me, God spoke of you years ago, and soon I will help you.

Years ago, God spoke of me and then to me, today everything He has said has happened, only a few more things to come. All it has done is given me strength, especially inside as a man, a human being, my heart is full of forgiveness, only because I love people and and I fear GOD!

I now understand why God is doing it this way.

And God said to me 'Everyday people pray and ask me for money, all throughout history of mankind, this is what man has asked for. The world will witness I am GOD, speak of me and all that I have given you, people will give up on you and think you are crazy, even your family, but know when this happens, that I God and my son Jesus were with you all along, you are not alone. One day I will give to you and you will give to the world and help people, they will know I am real and alive, because you have spoken of me for years and all that I have given you" I give it to you, because if the Governments get it, you will get nothing like before, I give it to you, because you really do love me with all of your heart and soul and will share it with your people , because you really do care for them and love them as you love me, give to them, by blood. You are my chosen people"!

And then God said "Tell them what I have given you, tell them I will strip all the wealthy of there wealth, because they forgot about me, I will reveal all corruption, and one day a black President of the United States will help you when no one would, a man name Steven Seagal will get it started, he will help you".

I love God, but I have also learned that He is the Almighty God and I fear Him.

May you understand one thing. I am an American, I have told the truth from the very beginning and have been denied my Rights because of my race, the color of my skin, my eyes, my language, and all this while I live in a country where everything that it was built on is a lie, in my eyes, it is a lie, not only because of me living it everyday, but mainly because The Creator said it to me, calling it "MODERN DAY SLAVERY" saying "they control the water, the food, the money, the land, and even the sky, they control you, this is not what I wanted for you, you are my chosen people and I will set you free from bondage. Tell them to read the BIBLE, where MOSES lead his people to freedom, I God destroyed the enemy and I made them the strongest and wealthiest nation for 1,00 years, the people of Israel are my people and you are my chosen people. I did it before I and I will do it again, do not fear!".

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