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Today is Monday, February 3, 2014, one day closer

To the people of the world,

We are born into a world of sin, a place full of lying, stealing, killing, where one can become selfish.

My mother once told me that when she was a child living with her grandparents, they would travel for three days by wagon, what today now takes an hour and a half by vehicle. She said "When we ran into another Navajo, or even another Native American, greeting them with a hug of love because you knew you survived the killing and that there were very few, so you would always show your love for one another.

When God spoke to me of things to happen and what people would do, but to study man. I see people having neighbors and they do not even know them, no one talks to one another, what happened to all the people. The innocence of life is gone.

And God said "I am going to give more wealth than anyone in the history of man, since the beginning man has prayed for money, everyday, this is what people pray for, they want to see money, all you have to do is speak of what I am going to do for you." And then He said "When I give you the wealth, the people of the world will be happy for you, but it will be the saddest day of your life. All the people who treated you bad will be the first to knock on your door and ask for money, these are the same people who thought of you as crazy, the ones who held your people down. You are a man, a human being, you love all people and will cry because you will know the truth about people."

I am an American, hopefully it means something one day, being held down in poverty while all that gold and those treasures sit in the caves.

And God said "The United States Supreme Court does not make the law, it only interprets the law, and Navajo Nation Law states it is yours. They will lie and do not want you to have it, but no matter what they do, I am one step ahead of them, I AM GOD and they will soon find you speak the truth! They pray for money, even today, they want to see money, I am giving it to you and it will come through you, they will see it and know that I AM GOD!"

I am sad today, my heart and soul, my being is sad because it is as GOD spoke. You can't buy happiness, friends, or love.

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