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For many years I have written about being blessed by God and it's just as He spoke to me saying "All of your family, friends will give up on you, they will think your crazy when you speak of me and all that I have given you".

My heart is in pain from knowing I am alone.

The feeling I have inside is one that has made me sad, mostly because the people I care for and love the most have turned their backs on me, but I still and will love them for the rest of my life.

I let my guard down and let one person into my life without question and will never allow another to know of me, it was my fault and a one way street in which I went down by myself, assuming they were with me.

I am truly alone in this journey and will look back one day at each and everyone and know in my heart they were not there for me, but all along it was about the wealth and not me.

Better to know now who really loves me, sad part, only God and His son Jesus were with me when everyone gave up on me. It's just as God said.

I thought this happened 2 1/2 years ago, being denied by those close to me, the trials of life have given me an insight of man and ones heart. The deception from others has me seeing myself and knowing in my being I am truly alone.

All I wanted was to to be loved for me being me, not for money or anything material, yet everyone chose money over me. I just wanted one person to be honest with me, if you couldn't be honest with me now, you would not be honest with me later.

I will be truthful about my being, this was a lesson of the heart and it hurt like hell, my love is real.

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