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The pain in my heart has given me strength

Ever been hurt so bad, you don't care about what people think, especially when they seem to appear out of nowhere?

I guess that's the reason many people commit to a slow death, even if they know people around will get hurt, people die everyday. There are days were I feel like an animal, mainly because we as human beings go along with the sun and the moon, it gives the notice of how short life really is.

I am finally going to write the truth about what I think.

"People are beast, the wildest of all creatures created, we are even more dangerous to ourselves. Even when GOD promises you wealth beyond your wildest dreams, it's when you learn about mankind and the selfishness, it really means nothing if you don't know what it is to have money. Living a life in poverty damages a soul, not even being promised life for eternity looks good, because all you know is pain and suffering. Why would one want to live forever to see poverty and suffering of your people and others.

Even if angels are real, demons are real, it's what GOD said to me that has me standing still.

"Being acknowledged is the greatest gift of all, it last forever, even into the Spirit World and into Heaven, these are the greatest gifts of all. Everything else comes and goes, but you remember everyone on how they treated you, for eternity".

Why would one want to live forever with people who treated you bad?

It's a thought of my mind and heart that has me standing still, the pain in my heart has given me strength, so that the children will never know or experience what I have been through, greed of evil people!

Life is short. People are people, people are beast of their own making, but being born into a world of sin makes you a sinner without choice, because it is in you and around you, it's in your blood!

Until I know different, I will try to be human and not a beast.

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