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May God bless you,
All My Relations, let the water people dance, those in the Dark World inside Mother Earth, The Thunder Beings and The People of Mother.

Today is my birthday. I am forty-six years old now. As a Native American, Navajo, the history of man has given me insight to people from all walks of life. I am blessed. Never has a foreigner of minority, like Orientals, Arabic, Russian, Scottish, and African by blood treated me bad, except one, my fifth grade teacher Mr. Emanuel. Thinking back throughout my life, I have become observant of others and their reaction toward others, it has also given into understanding of mean people and kind hearted individuals.
My being is sad, for one reason only, The Creator has given me instruction to study people, I have fourteen years now and wonder what the world holds for all Natives of every continent, especially those who have nothing. What happened to us as a great nation of the world, even it's own backyard, while telling the world how to live. Restrictions of our country the United States has made policy, then where is freedom, even animals have more Rights than most human beings of this world.

God, thank you for letting me live another day.

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