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There are people in my life described by God, people who would help me, and all along the help was for my heart to become strong in my decisions in the future.

It's knowing the future and watching it unfold just as The Lord my God has spoken saying "I put these people in your life, they are good people, I will put good people in your life and they will help you. You will learn of their hearts and see truly what they want in return, but there will be one who will teach you about your heart and the lesson of truth, it will be the worst pain your heart has ever felt and in the end you will love them even more. Your heart and love for the people is real, this is why I chose you, you really do love your people and love me with all your heart and soul. Forgiveness is in you".

I have an angel.

Because God spoke of you, my love for you is real and I just wanted you to know that, more because He did speak of you, that is what makes you so blessed.

You are so blessed.

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