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Today, I see the C.C.S.G. and do see the modern day Roman Slave Guard

And God said "These people who tell you the Russians and the Chinese are bad people, they killed your ancestors, they took control of your land, the water, the food, the money, and even the sky, they control you like slaves. This is modern day slavery and these people tell you the world is bad. How do you not know the world will treat you better than these people have treated you? I will set you free from these modern day Romans and will destroy them, tell them what I am going to do, they will not believe you, but the world will witness and do not fear them. I did it before and I will do it again, I am GOD!"

Today I see the Confederate Communist Slave Guards, the C.C.S.G. is what you are, you have earned the name, you are the one God spoke of to me and I see you as those who hold my people down. You do not scare me, especially after you shot at me and all six bullets flew by my head, you tried to poison me, you tried to assassinate me in Gallup on U.S. Government property, everything you believe in will crumble under your feet and your own people will bring you down. You are the modern day Roman slave guards, the C.C.S.G., know who you are in God's eyes, I see you as He sees you and know your children will experience all that you have done to me and to my people, it's your turn and it's starts today, you freakin racist swine of the Earth!

50 years of truth, see it, you killed Martin Luther King and U.S. President John F. Kennedy and his son, you need to slow down the tape and see the driver shoot him right between the eyes, his wife saw you kill her husband and that is the reason she crawled out the back of the car, you threw her back in the car and then killed all 38 witness in one month.

Everyday, for the rest of my life, the days left I have to live, I will witness you loose everything! Blessings...

You are worst than the communist, at least they protect their own, worst than the Confederate Army, at least they are proud and do not hide who they are, you are worst than the Romans, at least they admit slavery, you are the C.C.S.G, I know who you are, now look in the mirror and see who you are and what you have become, the beast described in The Bible!

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