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Was it a foul ball or strike three? I am loosing my sight of seeing you, I am going blind.

Like a fog, I can't see what is suppose to be, this game is getting very old, I don't want to play anymore, I am going blind and can't see you. Was it a foul ball or strike three, I can't hear anything.

I love you.

Fourteen years ago, GOD talked to my uncle and me, promising me more wealth than anyone in the history of the Bible, it is coming true.

The Creator of all life told me to study people, to separate all who are corrupt and greedy from the ones who really have never had anything, so that my heart does not feel guilty for being me when I say no when you ask for help. All thru the years, I have been stepped on, treated beneath that of an animal, things stolen from me by so called friends, and over and over again, lied to, my heart every week gets broken and I have to start all over again when it comes to me picking up the pieces to my broken heart. Why does this happen to me, all my life, everyone has done this over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over.

The day I dye, they will all be there to try to take what ever is left of me or anything I had, they are making me sick in the head and in the heart, I hope you dye before I do, really. I will not cry for you, not will I attend your funeral, I have buried most of my good friends, but at least I truly know now the friends I have left. So, if you think I will give you another chance, you are right, but you are now walking a very thin line, don't look down, but look into my eyes and see how dark my eyes are when I look at you, if they are black, you filled me with hatred towards you that I love my enemy more than you, but if my eyes are golden, my heart and soul is living in the world GOD wants for me.

If I had a graph to show you what I see, it would show 1% good, 80% bad, 19% for me to wonder. Why are all the people left here so full of it?

When the elders at the ceremony made me feel like that beneath that of an animal, when the F.B.I. hunted me like an animal, at least I saw what an ass looks like, the one GOD described to me, selfish and greedy.

It's Sunday morning and the sun is about to rise, I will give you the benefit of doubt, but understand, really understand, I can not put up with it much more.

Eddie Scott Yazzie

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