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Memorial Day has a different meaning for me

It was 1997 or 1998, maybe even 1996, but the timeline I was told about seems to have come and pass, maybe I should have started in the year 2,000 on counting the years God described in revealing the truth of gifts.

If it was 1995, then it would be 18 years,
If it was 1997, it would be 16 years,
If it was 1998, then it would be 15 years,
but if it's 2,000, then it's only 13 years and I will have to live through this another 4 more years and would be dead by then, because God said I would die at the age of 48, the numbers don't mean anything anymore, just days of disappointment or truths of man.

The thought of dying has now taken over, life has been as God showed me, man killing for control of land and people to use as slaves to keep their wealth, wanting to see God's spoken words unfold have brought me down and it has stripped me of those close to me.

I have been defeated by Satan and I feel God is mad at me for not believing in Him, death is the only real thing.

Forgive me.

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