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Recently, many have started to treat me a little different in a good way, it's different. The line was drawn one second into December 1, 2012, I even gave an open invitation to all in the world and not one person took my offer, it was about FAITH!
Today, I feel more confident than ever, more because of the things I have revealed years ago on the Internet and to see it happen is a confirmation of what is coming because The Creator spoke of it happening in the future.
I just returned from Las Vegas a couple of days ago, everything was paid for, even the clothes. I am so grateful.
The lesson is that of poverty in which my people have been drowned in, so much that they think it's normal and that the rest of the world's people are treated the same way. This is the biggest lie of all, the elders were broken, but our children today live in the future and it is good that their soul and spirit will never truly know poverty.
I have been doing things and embedding it in my spirit, more of the peace in washing a car, walking in public alone, being able to sit outside and just sit and listen to nature in peace, it will soon all change. I know my freedom is coming to an end, in a good way, and yes one can buy solitude and in support of the good in the world.
I have in my heart and soul the lesson of life and learned from those closest to me, the pain is real and the tears I cried in loosing the trust of friendship has given me the understanding of true love.
God, thank you for letting me live another day.
When I was in Las Vegas, I prayed and cried, because 21 years ago, I died and was dead for two hours and came back to life. I sat in the hotel room and thought about all that was given to me in the last twenty one years, I am blessed.
The love I gave to everyone was real, especially to those I have told I loved and cared for, because I do still love the same people today, even more than before.
God told me why he chose me saying "You do truly love me with all of your heart and soul. All will think you are crazy, but you will still talk of me no matter what people think, this is why I chose you. You do love your people, your heart is real and no matter how many times people hurt you, you still love them. In time all will see you the way I see you, a man with a big heart. Show the world what is is to be a human being, share and give, show them and teach them what it is to be a true human being, for they do not know".

I will love you for the rest of my life, you are truly blessed!

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