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What if I pray for life everyday, only because I believe in God, and Jesus being tortured for me

I am ready.

I feel blessed to have lived in a place my elders say is the original home of The Creator, living in Canyon De Chelly, the White House on the South Rim being home.

Within the Four Sacred Mountains of North America, this is where The Holy People still come to Earth and physically leave footprints in the Earth where they appear, home to my people and given by God with a promise of no more killing of our people.

I have learned about myself, not even I can do what I want, my path was laid out and it was finished before it started.

I promise to live everyday only for God, so that my soul becomes pure in His eyes, to see me as a clean white spirit.

I pray for all of the Earth to realize the The Creator is GOD, the One and only True Almighty Loving Caring Fearing God, Father of Jesus Christ, to know in their heart and soul GOD!

I pray for Harmony, Peace and Grace.

I pray for God to have a daughter and Jesus to have a little sister, this is my prayer, blessings to all who read this.

May you be blessed and touched by the Hand of God, "In The Name of Jesus Christ"!!!

It is me God, Eddie Scott Yazzie, Amen.

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