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May 2013 Blog Posts (6)

Memorial Day has a different meaning for me

It was 1997 or 1998, maybe even 1996, but the timeline I was told about seems to have come and pass, maybe I should have started in the year 2,000 on counting the years God described in revealing the truth of gifts.

If it was 1995, then it would be 18 years,

If it was 1997, it would be 16 years,

If it was 1998, then it would be 15 years,

but if it's 2,000, then it's only 13 years and I will have to live through this another 4 more years and would be dead by then,…


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If you read this

God is real and spoke of you and all that you would do, it hurts, but i still love you with all of my heart and soul.

If you read this, I know you love me, but more importantly for you to know in your mind, heart and soul is that I care for you and will love you for the rest of my life!

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Money talks and everything else walks

After all these years of speaking of God and all He has given me has turned everyone against me, my co-workers, family and so called friends have called me crazy and now have isolated themselves from me, but that's okay.

All I wanted was to be loved truly, for me, not for money and yet everyday more is revealed in reasons beyond love.

I own nothing, no home, no land, nothing, so I don't blame you for not wanting to have anything with me, money talks and everything else…


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You are truly blessed

There are people in my life described by God, people who would help me, and all along the help was for my heart to become strong in my decisions in the future.

It's knowing the future and watching it unfold just as The Lord my God has spoken saying "I put these people in your life, they are good people, I will put good people in your life and they will help you. You will learn of their hearts and see truly what they want in return, but there will be one who will teach you about your…


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I am alone

For many years I have written about being blessed by God and it's just as He spoke to me saying "All of your family, friends will give up on you, they will think your crazy when you speak of me and all that I have given you".

My heart is in pain from knowing I am alone.

The feeling I have inside is one that has made me sad, mostly because the people I care for and love the most have turned their backs on me, but I still and will love them for the rest of my life.

I let…


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Good bye

My dear friends,

God is not a liar.


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