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It is my pleasure to present this follow-up interview with One Day on Earth all-star filmmaker Seb Farges, who has contributed in a huge way on both 10.10.10 and 11.11.11.

One Day On Earth 11/11/11 @ Bordeaux (France) from Seb Farges on Vimeo.


Who are you and what is your profession?

My name is Seb Farges from Bordeaux, FRANCE, and I'm a cinematographer and director


What has changed in your life or community since you first participated in One Day on Earth?

My work is essentially based upon my personal life, friends, loves, my daughter, so part of my life since the 1st One Day on Earth has been shared on my Vimeo ;

I also work as a D.O.P on different projects, short films documentaries and for the past year I've been filming mostly in Cinemascope with my Panasonic GH2


What have you been up to since 11.11, and is there anything you're working on that you'd like to share with the One Day on Earth community?
I have a main project, a personal creative long feature film documentary "Womanhattan". It's in development, it's a movie about my obsession on film technology, past loves and Manhattan. It's based on personal archives of my last 20 years, and also contemporary shooting in spring 2013 in Manhattan.

WOMANHATTAN teaser, a creative documentary about New York, past lov... from Seb Farges on Vimeo.

...and here is the facebook page :


What do you have?
I have great expectations about life, friendship, love and cinema


What do you need?
I need time, traveling, love, and the upcoming Panasonic GH3


What advice would you give to first time One Day on Earth participants?
Watch the details and document the world!

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