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One Day on Earth is pleased to introduce Danilo Parra, a filmmaker and musician who has brought his interests together into a cohesive vision of documenting art, music, dance and more. We look forward to his 12.12.12 contribution!



VOGUE: A TWIST ON THE FLOOR from Danilo Parra on Vimeo.

One Day on Earth: Who are you and what is your profession?
Danilo: My name is Danilo Parra and my profession is the constant search to be professional which I hope never ends and only gets me closer. That profession has lately been documentary filmmaking and some short form narrative pieces as well. My other profession I am farther from and also keeps me excited: making music. My goal is to be equal at both arts and to bring them together.

One Day on Earth: Can you tell us a little about your background and upbringing?
Danilo: I was born in San Jose, California from a Russian Jewish mother and a Chilean father in a very creative and athletic household that has brought me to make a living at what I enjoy doing.

One Day on Earth: What inspired you to become a filmmaker?
Danilo: I was inspired to be a filmmaker from the first time I saw the Shining, which was also the first time I cried from being scared and those confusing emotions were something I wanted to learn more about and communicate myself.

One Day on Earth: Who or what do you most admire?
Danilo: I most admire people with a strong path in mind but who are also brave enough to change paths to get where they are trying to go.

One Day on Earth: What do you have?
Danilo: What I have is a stubborn personality which keeps me on my feet and keeps others at a distance who try and keep me down.

One Day on Earth: What do you need?
Danilo: What I need is probably more assertiveness and to be more brave.

One Day on Earth: What are you planning on filming for 12.12.12?
Danilo: What I plan on filming on 12.12.12 may be something that relates to the date. Hopefully it will be something that only happens once on that date and never happens again. That's my goal. I still haven't found out what that might be yet though...

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