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Today, I see the C.C.S.G. and do see the modern day Roman Slave Guard

And God said "These people who tell you the Russians and the Chinese are bad people, they killed your ancestors, they took control of your land, the water, the food, the money, and even the sky, they control you like slaves. This is modern day slavery and these people tell you the world is bad. How do you not know the world will treat you better than these people have treated you? I will set you free from these modern day Romans and will destroy them, tell them what I am going to do, they…


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Just like you

To the People of the World,

And God said " The acknowledgement of being from another human being is the greatest gift of all, all the other things come and go, but the gift of acknowledgement last even into the Spirit World and Heaven, it last forever ".

There are children in the world right now looking for food, a place to sleep, just to be acknowledged and loved.

I love all of you, because like my skin, it is different, I am blessed and special, just like…


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The pain in my heart has given me strength

Ever been hurt so bad, you don't care about what people think, especially when they seem to appear out of nowhere?

I guess that's the reason many people commit to a slow death, even if they know people around will get hurt, people die everyday. There are days were I feel like an animal, mainly because we as human beings go along with the sun and the moon, it gives the notice of how short life really is.

I am finally going to write the truth about what I think.



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