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The day didn't work out so well... well, it kinda did. Part 2

After the sunrise I came home and passed out for a few hours. I didn't get much sleep, but I needed to offset the early wake up for the sunrise a little bit. The plan after that was to get up and film my morning routine.

The morning routine is really my weekend routine, and even then I'm not sure I do it often enough to call it a routine. Anyway, eat some cereal and a banana, do a little bit of exercise (lift weights), clean out the litter box, and take a shower. Things took a bit of a turn once I started to shave my head. On this occasion I wanted to film it and with all the other footage make a time lapse out of it. However, nearing completion of the shave my camera battery ran out. F!

I went to my camera bag and pulled out another battery but upon replacing the old battery was disappointed to see that the new battery had not charged the night before like I thought it had. Rookie move!! Well, good thing I have a backup battery. Waitaminute... what the?! The backup battery isn't charged either!? ARGH!!

Well, that put a bit of a damper on the morning but I had to keep going. I called Willie Witte, a friend and coworker of mine from Roadtrip Nation to check in with him. The plan was for us to go film skateboarding for a few hours. I explained the battery situation and we knew it was going to be a few hours before anything was going to go down. Another delay... but that's pretty typical in the life of a production worker.

Not wanting to waste any more time, I headed down to Roadtrip to start charging the batteries again.

And the day continues...

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