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The day didn't work out so well... well, it kinda did. Part 3

I had arrived at Roadtrip Nation to meet up with Willie Witte around 12 or 1.  A beautiful day was in full effect, clear skies, bright sun, and the heat to go along with it.  Waitminute, isn't it supposed to be October?!  Well, this is Southern California after all...


I met up with Willie and we went over the battery situation.  I immediately set up a few cameras/batteries to charge (correctly this time) and Willie and I had some time to kill.  A couple of our other coworkers, Mariana and Mark, were trying to do something for the day as well.  After some procrastinating, they eventually decided to start painting some window shades.  


Earlier that day, Willie had already gone to Roadtrip HQ and was practicing some filming with his new 10' x20' green screen he just got.  We watched some of the footage he filmed, discussed movies, other plans for the green screen, and generally agreeing to disagree.  Willie and I are cool like that.


After an hour or so, impatience grew and we grabbed one of the cameras and decided to go skating regardless of how full the battery was.  We went up and down the street in front of our office and filmed a few warm up lines to get blood flowing and the heart rate up.  I took quite a few slams during this time, too.


To back up just a little bit, I had gone skating the day before around the same area to seek out some spots to get footage at.  It was supposed to be a mellow recon-style mission, but as any skater would know, sometimes you find a spot and you just get carried away.  You think to yourself "What would this trick be like here?  Well if I can pull this trick, what about that trick?  What would happen if I skated it like this instead of like that?"  The thought train keeps going like that and next thing you know you've worked up a sweat and gave yourself a workout.  And that's just at the first spot of the day.


Well this routine pretty much happened at every spot that I checked out in the area, which was probably about 15 spots or so.  Some were quick little hits, others were places for lines.  At the end of the day my I found the spots I wanted get some footage at and pray my legs would hold up.


Fast forward back to Sunday when I'm slamming like an old man during my warm-up runs it dawns on me that I'm not 18 any more.  My legs just don't recover full a full day of skating the way they used to!  Add that with the unfiltered sun and the relentless heat and I wasn't able to put up much of a fight.


After going up and down the street a few times and a close encounter with a dog that doesn't like skateboards, we found ourselves trying to get a line with an ollie over this blue... I don't even know what it is, but its blue, metal, and its about the height of a trash can.  I've been able to ollie this thing before (not easily), but not on video so this became the line.  


Already exhausted and beat-up, trying to jump over this thing sucked.  I took quite a few slams, again, and one attempt I made the trick became close to a twisted ankle trying to make the next trick.  This is the line that's in the edited part.  After getting this line and a bit of renewed energy, Willie and I tried to head over to a school to skate some more.  But on the way the kingpin bolt from my truck fell off.  Twice.  


Screw it.  Session over.  The day is done.  I don't want to admit it, but I'm really tired.


And the evening is now upon us...

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