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The day didn't work out so well... well, it kinda did. Part 1.

So I had a simple idea for this One Day On Earth thing: watch/film the sunrise, film my morning routine, go skate/film during the day, watch/film the sunset, and then make a painting with the skateboard deck I skated earlier that day (and film that, too)... no worries, right?

Well, that is more or less how the day worked out... only it didn't. At least, not how I had planned.

I was able to get up early and get onto the roof of my workplace in time to film the sunrise. The camera I was using didn't have a 'timelapse' setting so I ended up just hitting record and letting it go for an hour using the whole tape and figured I could speed it up later in post. Not the ideal solution, but I didn't have much choice: the sun only comes out once a day. "Life is not a dress rehearsal" type deal. I've been using video cameras for work and pleasure for about 15 years but the whole exposure concept still baffles me. I didn't necessarily want to leave it on auto, but I wasn't sure how to set it for a sunrise. While the sun was relentlessly attacking the sky I was constantly adjusting the setting to try and prevent overexposure. You can see the results in the footage and they're pretty screwed up. Oh yeah, and Costa Mesa, California doesn't exactly have an amazing landscape for sunrises.

And so the day begins...

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