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Who are you and what is your profession?

I am video making enthusiast, video is my biggest hobby since years. I am 59 year old, living in industry area in the Czech Republic. I am married, my wife supports me in my hobby very much. We have one son Tom and one granddaughter Klara.  I like to travel and document it with my Panasonic DVCPro HD camcorder model 171.


I am university graduate in Electronics but today I work as Resource Deployment Manager for IBM. 



Our Beloved Mom from Astaton Video on Vimeo.


Can you tell us a little about your background and upbringing?

As I wrote above my background is far from my hobby. I learned and still learning video techniques from magazines and some books. I learned the most from my mistakes. Making video on expensive 8mm many years ago was the best school for me. I had to pay a lot of money for each failure so I was forced to learn to prevent failures.  


What inspired you to become a filmmaker?

I was "forced" by my wife and my mother when our son was born in 1977. They both asked me to buy video camera and start to document his life on video. So I did and I found a lot of fun with this activity. I started with 8mm Eumig (the Austrian brand) video camera. As people around me enjoyed my works I switched from still camera to video. Anyway, I like my Nikon as well.


Who or what do you most admire?

I admire my mother who is bedridden person but in spite if this fact she is very optimistic and she is spreading her optimism around. I admire my wife for her patience with me and my hobby. I admire people. I admire Paris, I admire Jean-Luc Godard films. And I admire the idea of One Day on Earth.


What did you film on 10.10.10?

I filmed one day in the rest home in Trinec, Czech Republic where my beloved mom is living. It was just the day The Week of Social Care in Trinec ended. 


 What are you planning on filming for 11.11.11?

The date is the Polish national holiday (the Polish Independence Day)  so I will probably film some celebrations.  I am living very close to Polish boundary, I am Polish living in the Czech Republic, This is my first idea but maybe I will look for something that would express six magic "1".


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