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Who are you and what is your profession?

Kico Santos. I'm a video producer and I have a video company in São Paulo - Brazil. I also produce short films for my website where I upload my personal and artistic projects. 



Sao Paulo 10.10.10 from Cinema de Rua on Vimeo.


Can you tell us a little about your background and upbringing?

I studied Cinema in FAAP - São Paulo. I've been directing and producing institucional and promotional films. 


What inspired you to become a filmmaker?

Because I've always been in love with emotions.   


Who or what do you most admire?

I admire urban sights. Directors and schools with documentary works, like the brazilian João batista de Andrade, director of O Homem Que Virou Suco, 1979. 


What did you film on 10.10.10?

It was my birthday :) So I went by the streets shooting everyday scenes, like I usually do to my website. 


What are you planning on filming for 11.11.11?

New everyday scenes :) It's what I like to do, to shoot day-by-day poetry, like you can see on  


Natal Paulista from Cinema de Rua on Vimeo.

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