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Presenting cameraman and editor, Johnnie Behiri. You can find more of his work at (

The first day of autumn from Johnnie Behiri on Vimeo.

Who are you and what is your profession?
My name is Johnnie Behiri, and I am a BBC freelance cameraman/editor currently operating from Vienna Austria. When not BBC-ing I film documentaries, commercials, music videos, and marketing videos for other leading broadcasters/customers

Can you tell us a little about your background and upbringing?
Born in Jerusalem, traveled and worked around the globe, working in the TV industry since 1994.

In 1989, when Hurricane Hugo hit Puerto Rico, I was an officer on an Italian cruise ship (remember the love boat)?... On my first visit to Puerto Rico after the Hurricane, I drove to one of the rain forests and was shocked by what I saw.

I picked up my small film camera, the magnitude of the destruction couldn't fit into the viewfinder. I could not capture in a picture this disaster.

At that time I thought the solution was to get a video camera. Two weeks later I was at the same place with my shiny new, all-automatic, first video camera, and it took me seconds to realize that the camera was controlling me instead of me controling the camera. I spent the next two weeks learning the secrets of my new camera, and trying to understand why the only times I got seasick were while watching the footage I just shot.

Fast forward to the present time. I am a self taught professional, proud in what I've achieved with my own hands.

What inspired you to be a filmmaker?
There was never an "inspiration". It is the fact that I am able and lucky enough to work in one of the most interesting and exiting jobs ever created. The ability to "drop" into peoples lives or situations for some time, or create from basics a film/product that people will watch and react to (even if not always favorably) energizes my daily life.

Who are your heroes?
Truly? My wife. We've come a very long way together. Without her support things might look different today.

What story do you want to tell on 10.10.10?
I haven't decided yet. I might want to describe my life or the place I am living at in a different way than how I have so far.

Why is this important to you?
The idea is great and I salute the people behind it who managed to execute such a project. I am just enthusiastic about the opportunity to participate in a "positive global event"

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