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At 12:33pm on December 11, 2011, John Perkins said…

OK, thanks. Stopping for dinner:-) Will upload after

At 11:44am on December 11, 2011, John Perkins said…

Hi Brandon ... thanks for your suggestion. Only one problem there is that I only have 500Mb available and the video is 900+ (HD) Would be a shame to lose the quality. I can upload HD to youtube with no restriction on file size.

My Vimeo account is not a + or pro as I mostly use the bigger audience at youtube to get the videos out :-)


At 12:48am on December 11, 2011, Rex Williams said…

Thanks Brandon. I'm curious to know, is it possible for you to include even just a section of everyone's video in the final motion picture? And is that the plan?

I'm sure you'll include entire stories from some of the very interesting ones, but is the plan for the movie to try to piece multiple submissions together in categories of type or location?

I'm really looking forward to seeing the 10-10-10 movie. I think that will really create a lot of momentum and exposure. Thanks for all your work on this project.

At 6:53pm on December 10, 2011, Dil Bhusan Pathak said…
Thanks Brandon! Infect, we have lots of footage that we filmed for 12 days. How we started and ended up rescuing those two girls. Would love to share the full film some day! Cheers and Congratulations for such a great work that you and your team have been doing!
Dil from Nepal!
At 1:25pm on December 10, 2011, Seb Farges said…

Thanks for your comment Brandon, and I'm very glad that you like this 11/11/11 version :)

At 6:41am on December 10, 2011, Chuck Wheeler said…

Hey Brandon,
Dropbox does not work either. You suggested before a ftp - but not sure that would work either but I'm willing to try if possible. If not, I have submitted several videos and am very happy to be part of this great event and congratulations to everyone involved.

At 11:29pm on December 9, 2011, Katie Cooper said…

thanks for watching my piece! I have known Earla for 5+ years now so she is quite comfortable sharing her thoughts with me and she regularly does public talks to raise awareness. It was great to just focus on a small aspect of anxiety and do a short piece with a beginning, middle and end to get out there.

At 5:31am on December 8, 2011, Mustafa Hamza said…

hello , you are welcome ..... I am ready

At 6:58pm on December 7, 2011, Chuck Wheeler said…

Hi Brandon,
Got your comment. Thanks for suggestions. I tried to access, but it seems that it is unavailable from here. I would love to use a spreadsheet and enter tags, then ftp files. I will number files and organize to make them easy to categorize.
I am very happy to participate in such a fantastic project, and my students really enjoyed the creative process.

At 11:55pm on December 6, 2011, Chuck Wheeler said…

Hi Brandon,
I have been trying to upload but could only get two videos posted. I have over three dozen more videos from my students here in China.
getting following error messages.
Blank window after prompt to sign in to Vimeo
Error 324 (net::ERR_EMPTY_RESPONSE): The server closed the connection without sending any data.
after upload and trying to advance to next screen.
Thanks for any suggestions.

At 7:24am on December 6, 2011, Ricky & Co Photography said…

thanks Brandon for watching our video... success for you too

At 1:02am on December 6, 2011, Alex Stoian said…

thank you watching my video :)

At 11:17pm on December 5, 2011, Lori Schlechtleitner said…

horra! thanks so much for all your diligent help getting the video posted. :)

At 7:59pm on December 3, 2011, Virginia MacDonald said…

Thanks Brandon :) I am using Firefox 8.0 It will only go to the 2nd page whee it says which browser you should use then it just says there, doesnt go onto the next page.

At 6:56pm on December 2, 2011, Sheldon "RASTA" Casimir said…

Hey Brandon recently uploaded my contribution from Dominica, check it out.

At 7:29am on November 29, 2011, Janine Barry said…

some type of PC. Using Roxio creator 2010 pro, but can't seem to get the hang of it.

At 10:58am on November 23, 2011, Tera said…

Ahh, you meant "waaaay" below. I thought you were directing me to something underneath your comment. :-) Thanks! I'll be uploading the other in a few days I believe.

Happy holiday!

THank you!

At 10:48am on November 23, 2011, Tera said…

I don't see anything "below"...? And the broken link is because I had to leave so, i"m going to reupload a vid. But if you show me what you mean, I can better know what you're speaking of. thanks!

At 1:26am on November 23, 2011, Elissa Bogos said…

Thanks, Brandon! I'm sending you an email through ODOE with more information about the videos. Should arrive in minute.

At 1:11am on November 23, 2011, Elissa Bogos said…

I think I figured it out--except when I tried to use the map to enter where it was filmed, it said the link was broken and I had to start over. Is there a way to check if my video was uploaded? I tried to link it again (via vimeo) but it's no longer giving me the option to link the same video. Sorry for all the confusion. :)


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