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Ever since I saw the movie "The Blue Lagoon" when I was only eleven I knew that I wanted to capture the images I saw on the big screen or to reproduce in life the beauty of the surroundings and to preserve forever that innocence that I felt then. That was only possible by savouring the dazzling colours, the fascinating scenes and fantastic photography that movie provided. Since then I tried to reach that level of magnificence, of being one with nature, of staying in the moment and living in Paradise if not for enternity at least for those marvelous minutes I became mesmerized in front of the film when I was old enough to be able to watch it. My dreams of finding that exotic place on earth remained with me for forever. And I keep searching for the Ble Lagoon, that for me signifies the elixir of life where we can keep our true self and remain forever in delight, observing with an eye of a child the wonders of this planet. I invite as many to accompany me in that quest. On this day, 10/10/10 I will show the result of my endeavours of trying to find that place on Earth where every second seems like an eternity and the eternity can be felt as an enlightment.


Ana .

Dance As One

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