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Funny how the world became so small, and with all the easy access to communication people seem to have lost their ability to be in touch with one another and communicate well. How many times I've seen a lack of trust and the inability to express one's feelings. That's why I created a song with lyrics such as "I want to be somebody, not just anybody" (that I will post on next Friday, 11th) for I see the importance people have in our lives and sometimes just by the lack of communication in a world filled with communication lines we can get tangled, wrapped up and lost in the myriads of selves. So it's not really a lack of communication but of a "communion action", not of deliberately giving information to one another as much as a miscommunication in all aspects. When was the last time we really looked into each other's eyes and openly spoke from our hearts, and I mean literally, sensing each other's rhythms, not just a chit-chat or talk about things in general, but a pounding and vigourous beat. We are way too busy with our lives, searching for things we don't really know what or why, just to keep busy and stay away from what really matters, which is to commune, not only talk but listen to others, to make someone feel special, for we are in fact all unique in this world. That's why this 11.11.11 I pray we may all connect in one heart and soul to dance as one, May our spirits soar high and our lives be as a beam of light where the whole planet may sing in one tune wishing upon the stars as dreams come to fruition with creations of an unimaginable beauty.

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