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Luke Cormack Showreel from Luke Cormack on Vimeo.
Dear friends, fans, and participants,

It is our pleasure to bring you our profile spotlight of Luke Cormack. Cormack is an acclaimed Cameraman, Director, and Director of Photography and has played an integral role in many Emmy award winning productions with an impressive client list including the likes of BBC, CBS, Discovery, Talkback Thames, National Geographic, and Animal Planet.

Name: Luke Cormack
Location: South Africa

Hi Luke, can you tell us a little about your background and upbringing? What inspired you to be a filmmaker?
I was born in South Africa in Johannesburg. When I was a child we moved to Mpumalanga. Our farm bordered the Kruger National Park so every spare moment we'd be in the park watching wildlife. Later I moved to Durban on the east coast of South Africa where my love for the ocean was born. Currently I have a base in SA and London.
I worked as a game ranger for 2 years in private game reserves in SA. Living in the bush is an incredible, beautiful experience so the leap to recording images is natural progression really. I studied Film and TV for 3 years and concentrated on making programmmes that challenge peoples perceptions. This was the difficult part. Today I work as a freelance DOP/ Director.

Who are your personal heroes?
My hero would have to be Nelson Mandela- a saint of a man who after 27 years in prison came out with no anger in his heart. And orchestrated a peaceful change of power-a miracle!

One Day On Earth thanks Luke Cormack for agreeing to join us on 10.10.10 to film his passions.

All the Best,
The One Day On Earth Team

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