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Dear friends, fans, and participants,

One Day On Earth proudly presents our profile spotlight of the filmmakers of JuicyLime. Founded by Marco and Claudia Vilela, JuicyLime is a production team of documentarians that follow and film the work of NGO's around the world. In a recent venture, they followed members of the TESE Engineers without borders program to Guinea-Bissau to film their project development.

"JuicyLime produces media for NGOs, focusing on deveopment projects in areas such as education, public health, water and infastructures, among many others."

Hi Marco, can you tell us a little about your backgrounds?
I have a natural sciences high school background, shifting to the media field through a 5 year degree at the Catholic University in Lisbon. I then went on a one year round the world trip, followed by a masters degree in Barcelona in directing documentaries. I've worked in Angola, country of which I'm also national, and most recently I decided to start Juicylime after working in a few tv companies and media projects both in Portugal and abroad. 2009 saw the beginning of, an NGO oriented segment of our production value, of which we are proud and currently active in a few projects in Guinea-Bissau (have a look at our website at

Cláudia has a media education both in high school and at the University, where she got a diploma for media production. Since then she has worked in a TV channel in Madrid, and a few other companies here in Portugal, and she has also upgraded her education and training by enrolling in a couple of degrees in cinema and post-production.

We both run Juicylime from the start and we look forward in developing interesting projects.

What are you both doing now?
So we are media professionals, video production oriented, serving a vast range of services, focusing on institutional, documentaries and NGOs.

What inspired you to be a filmmaker?
I would say having the ability to make things change, that's what caught our attention, we both agree on that.

Who are your heroes?
Our heroes... our mothers.

What do you feel you want to shoot on 10.10.10?
We want to shoot something that will shake [things up] and now is the time.

Why is it important to you?
It's important because it's an opportunity to collaborate with something way bigger then ourselves, calling out for world wide attention, and we feel Portugal and our region have something to say on the 10th October 2010.

Name: Marco and Cláudia Correia
Location: Albufeira, Portugal

One Day On Earth would like to thank Marco Vilela and JuicyLime for joining us on 10.10.10 to film their passions.

All the best,
The One Day On Earth Team

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