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This week it's my pleasure to present director and DP Jason Wingrove.

sea pool from Jason Wingrove on Vimeo.

Who are you and what is your profession?
Jason Wingrove, Freelance Film & TVC Director & DP based in Sydney Australia

Can you tell us a little about your background and upbringing?
I was born in the UK, and now I'm living in Sydney Australia, Straight out of high school into film school and straight onto the film set.

Never had a 'real' job, being on set is all i've really known. I started in the camera department and made my way up to DP then sidestepped to director. Never can quite keep my hands off the camera though

What inspired you to be a filmmaker?
I grew up in the UK close to Pinewood Studios and we used to go every year to the open day and
clamber through the huge 007 stage and the sets for Superman. I think I've always loved 'behind the scenes' ever since.

Who are your heroes?
As a teen in the eighties it would have to be Steven Spielberg and Bob Zemeckis.
Although daggy as it is, Mr Cameron would have to be my No1

What story do you want to tell on 10.10.10?
I've recently started work on a personal project called Sea Pool, a documentary in production looking at Australia's almost unique culture revolving around our ocean pools. These are outdoor swimming pools built essentially on the edge of the ocean, filled with the natural seawater that flows into them.

It's such a joy to shoot there, helps me decompress from the world of advertising. So on 10/10 Ill be doing a mini version of that doc. The place, the people, the light and the atmosphere.

Why is this important to you?
Advertising spends its entire time trying to pretend to be real, doing everything it can to portray real life in my experience theres no substitute for the real thing so shooting real people and their stories reminds me how much more powerful fact can be than fiction

I've always believed that everyone has a story and that the characters that frequent these pools year round have a great story to tell and the pools themselves are such a beautiful and timeless place and a uniquely Australian story.

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Comment by Mike Hedge on July 7, 2010 at 2:17pm
Jason rocks
Comment by Peter Beier on July 1, 2010 at 9:42am
Very inspiring shooting. A lot of nice angles. It looks pretty cold the water though, was it?
Looking forward to seeing more from you.


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