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Oh wow, what a week of developments. We are in full swing on securing locations, tackling some of the most challenging areas of the world. I'm writing this blog entry from Paris, where I just met with the good people of UNESCO. We hope to continue to connect with World Heritage sites to confirm unique venues for the film. We are working hard to make the screening of One Day on Earth like no other film in history!

The team in LA, lead by ODOE founder Kyle Ruddick, is putting the finishing touches on the film. Bringing the dozens and dozens of formats together has been a crazy process, but nothing that late hours and lots of coffee hasn't solved. The work was done at an amazing facility in Santa Monica called Tunnel Post - their team deserves a "medal of honor" when it comes to film finishing.

Right now we are working to solve financial issues with certain venues in the developing world so that they can screen the film. We have started asking venues in more financially secure areas to sponsor developing world screenings. We'll keep you posted with how that goes and send a broader message out to try and get you involved.

There are countless emails, calls, Skype conversations, happening 24 hours a day. We'll keep you informed and hope to share a long list of screenings in the weeks to come. That said, please help us bring this film to the world. If you know of a venue that you can help secure (or want to simply attend a screening,) visit to get involved!



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Comment by Merri Christi Pemberton on April 13, 2012 at 9:25pm

Can I have press releases to send to the local media (TV, Newspaper, etc) to spread the word about the film and let them know of my contribution to it.

Comment by Gideon Padi Konotey on April 13, 2012 at 5:32am

we will do our best to make this Happen


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