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Hi One Day on Earthers!

It has been particularly busy for the past several months in both the New York and LA office - but I hope you all have gotten the periodic mass emails.

If you do get the messages, then you know of the awesome success of the global screening - 160 countries joined in. . . it was a dream come true. The picture below was taken in the flagship screening in the General Assembly:

What a day! You can find more images from around the world HERE.

We are excited to work to continue to share the film and hope to ease into more regular distribution, starting with a one-week theatrical run in NY and LA in June (tickets HERE) . The opening week box-office will be going to local charities, a model we are hoping will succeed so that other independent filmmakers can use it too.

As we plan distribution for the 10.10.10 film, the editing team is digging through the 11.11.11 footage; there are lots and lots to do on that front as well. We are still collecting raw files, so I hope you all have kept them safe!

June is going to be a great month for us: Kyle will join me in NY where we will present at the Vimeo awards, we'll be connecting with dozens of non-profits via the screening fundraisers, and we plan on getting a lot of "housekeeping done" on the 12.12.12 planning. Not to mention, of course, it is summer (sorry southern hemisphere members, its our turn!).



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