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The Fantastic Four

The Fantastic Four are Austin, Nicholas, Ryan, and Samuel.

Their mission for One Day on Earth is to synthesize the topics, concepts, inspirations, stories, and locations of all other student groups into One coherent and powerful message from The Classroom.

They plan on greeting everyone in the morning as the day begins at KAS and will attempt to capture the essence of the beginning of the school day. They'll move on to document the social climate of life at KAS, and finish with an exploration of our surroundings - an eclectic blend of urban and natural.  They'll finish with an attempt to capture the faces that make KAS what it is.

The Fantastic Four are still searching for the message they'll deliver or the story they'll share. As they move through the day on 11.11.11, interacting with the other student groups and the KAS community, they hope the images and ideas will come together and they'll be able to give shape to what The Classroom has to tell, or maybe ask, the world.



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