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1st Semester Humanities Project

What inspires you?

What do you want to share?

What do you want to change about your community?


Attention Humanitarians in The Classroom!  Here are the guidelines for your 1st Semester Project:



1)  Form a group that consists of:

6 KAS 9th grade students

At least 2 parents

At least 1 9th grade faculty advisor


Be sure that your group has at least 1 member who can film, and 1 who can direct the editing process.


Submit Group Proposal to Mr. K by Tuesday, November 1st


2)  Choose a concept/theme and a location in KAS and southern Taiwan.


Check out the Educational groups that already exist on One Day on Earth.


Submit Concept/Theme and Location Proposal to Mr. K by Friday, November 4th


3)  Receive your Subject Challenges from the 9th grade Science, English, Math, and Health teachers; incorporate them into your filming plan


4) Film on 11/11/11!


5) Edit your footage into a finished product and upload your video to your Profile on One Day on Earth.


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