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I think UN agencies, especially UNHCR and UNICEF are really social media savvy in promoting their messages to people around the world. We should have a dedicated social media team at HQs (maybe we already do?) to promote the great works we are carrying out globally. It goes beyond just creating a website with the occasional update and or a Facebook page but carrying out constant awareness campaigns using social media and generating mass-awareness. How can maintain the momentum going forward starting with IOM 60 Years, 11.11.11 and going forward?

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Dear Mr. Dinh Phuong,

I fully agree with you regarding the necessity of a coherent social media team for IOM. We certainly have very qualified people in the different missions that work as press officers, but a more social focused media could give more visibility to our actions, and as you said, generate mass-awareness. Let's see what come out of this 11.11.11 experience, and continue thinking about the best way to share all our activities with the world.

Best regards from Moldova !

Dear colleague(s),

Son Ha is fine :) I agree the press officers are doing great and I love reading the IOMPress reports sent worldwide. Last time I checked there are individual IOM group pages on Facebook from individual missions but not an overall IOM page (or on other social pages like Yelp! or Twitter - I could be wrong) . I do think we are moving forward in the right direction with the 11.11.11 support and encouragement from HQs, am also curious and excited to watch for everyone's postings.

In peace,
Son Ha



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