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At 10:53am on December 9, 2011, Sam Jossen said…

Hey Nusrat,
I sent you an email. Hope you are doing well

At 7:06pm on November 12, 2011, Amal Alsamawi said…

Filming was FUN! And erm...I just figured it was asking for languages in addition to English.

At 3:42pm on November 10, 2011, Dominic Simmons said…

I will indeed be filming on 11.11.11!

At 12:42pm on November 10, 2011, Richard Crichton said…

Dear Nustrat we are planning on participating in this event, we are preparing to shot tomorrow 11.11.11

At 4:21am on November 10, 2011, Helena Goldon said…


One question. Our office got a Cisco Flip camera for the documenting. I however have used Canon 5d Mark II. I was wondering if you thought I should use the Flip camera provided/Canon/both.

Thanks in advance for quick reply. It's already tomorrow!

At 3:29am on November 10, 2011, Luisa Handem Piette said…

Hello, Nusrat,
Yes I would love to participate. I am preparing a small script a short documentary on UNESCO's freedom of information activities in Liberia. I will start at the Liberia Media Center, and will stop by a couple of radio stations that I will be working with, to highlight the media capacity/support programs that we are involved with.
My only question is, does the raw footage come to 15 minutes or do you need 15 minutes of fully edited documentary?
Thanks in advance for your clarification.

At 7:17pm on November 9, 2011, Md. Ehsanul Hoque said…

Sorry! Nusrat. My schedule (of filming adaptation practice) has been canceled, as the place is a remote island and , I was planning to go there for my official task! I am going to shoot other activities. I am confused, you can suggest me in this regard.

At 6:31pm on November 9, 2011, Vasanthkumar Mysoremath said…

Hi again Nusrat,

I tried to 'find a grop' from odoe home page; but except in Bhutan, Nepal, Bangla Desh, I could not find any environmental group taking part in odoe in India. However, I will continue my 68th awareness workshop for young school/college minds to coincide with 11/11/11. I am also on to a few other social welfare awareness programs; have a look at the following links: on Democracy

I hope the links work. If you find time, please search my name in google and have a look at some of my other
concerns for a better society. Do not be surprised if you find that some of them have been hacked - ignore them.

Will keep you informed of 11/11/11 event.

Best Wishes to all in the loop. Have a great ONE DAY ON EARTH on 11/11/11.
Vasanthkumar Mysoremath
Mysore, The Heritage City, India

At 2:33pm on November 9, 2011, Milla de Villiers said…
Hi again, Nusrat..I am SO excited at being part of this that I can barely contain myself! I implicitly believe that all life is sacred. Will send my stuff as soon as I'm able..Thank you so much!
At 8:20am on November 9, 2011, Nfally SADIO said…

Merci beaucoup de vous rencontrer pour les besoins d'un jour sur terre prévu le 11/11/11. Je pense que ça sera l'occasion pour tous les participants de relever le défi de la communication électronique à travers les sites et Bonne réception.

At 6:42am on November 9, 2011, Helena Goldon said…

Hi Nusrat, yes, but I will not work individually but decided to be part of (my employer's - the World Bank's) team.

We are focusing on women at work.

At 1:53am on November 9, 2011, John Arvid Berger said…

Hi Nusrat, yes will do something from northern Norway

At 11:25pm on November 8, 2011, Milla de Villiers said…
Hi Nusrat, yes, but I'm having some problems in that I'm not sure how to upload the information & photographs I want to submit. I'm doing an article on self-sufficiency in small communities with food security as a point of departure. In my particular case I have made this venture multi-faceted: the team that I used consists only of women, and all are from disadvantaged backgrounds. It also addresses problems such as the greenhouse effect, urban greening, soil erosion etc. I use a indigenous plants as carbon sinks and companion plants for pest control etc. All containers are recycled. Everything is organic- for optimal health of both people & environment. Due to lack of funding the project is on currently on ice, but I am working hard at changing that. I also give short seminars on nutrition, HIV Aids & food security, during which I give practical demonstrations & establish model 'mini' gardens. How/ where do I upload, and when? Am also struggling with internet connectivity being somewhat need to perhaps do 'practise' run. Have tried adding you as friend, but nothing happens- can you do that from your side?
At 8:18pm on November 8, 2011, Kathe Maskus said…

Hi. Still haven't decided if I'm going to take part in this year's project or not. Thank you for asking!

At 6:31pm on November 8, 2011, Sammarye Lewis said…

Hello - I will be documenting my Veteran's Day fundraising for Operation Baghdad Pups in San Jose, CA

At 1:40am on November 3, 2011, Niko Vazquez said…
Yes, I'll do. It's my birthday he he
At 1:25am on November 3, 2011, Maiam Alimi said…
Dear Nusrat,

I am glad to hear this that photographs also can be apart ur project

as have very less access to net I will very much try to be part in November
if incase i can then maybe on Dec

could you please send me ur email ID

With best regards

Mariam Alimi
Freelance Photographer and Interpreter
Kabul Afghanistan
Mobile: +93 (0) 700 067 531
At 12:00am on November 3, 2011, Vasanthkumar Mysoremath said…
Hi Nusrat,

Yes, I am in touch with a school and a college in Mysore-The Heritage City in India, for creating awareness in the minds of youngsters about climate change, global warming and its impacts on 11/11/11 and on similar lines that I conducted events on 10/10/10.

On 11/11/11, the important thing that has to be impressed upon these young minds is that they must learn to live with nature, protect it from destruction, create greenery, keep their surroundings clean, not to waste the finite natural resources like fuel, water, air and to conserve them at grassroots level for the sake of their future and also their future generations. We should not exhaust all the available resources in this generation itself and this can only be done through protection and preservation.

Those from Mysore, Karnataka, India, who are interested, may contact me on email :

Vasanthkumar Mysoremath
Mysore, Heritage City of India
At 8:58pm on November 2, 2011, Nicole Lueschow said…
Nusrat, thanks for checking in, and YES! I did a ton of filming on my trip to South America last year. Unfortunately everything I documented, Photos, video, and writing as stolen during a layover in Bogota, and I ended up spending a few days in Columbia.... Therefore I will not be able to participate. Next time, maybe.. Thanks
At 8:45pm on November 2, 2011, Md. Ehsanul Hoque said…
Hello Nusrat, Nice to meet you through odoe!
Yes I will be filming adaptation practices(afforestation, FFF model, climate resilient agriculture) along the coast of Bangladesh. BTW, what you are doing? I wonder, whether we can work togather!
Nice to know that you know Bengali too.


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