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Rickshaw Tour - Dhanmondi to Mohammadpur

The Satmasjid Road links Dhanmondi and Mohammadpur directly, from Rifle Square to the Mohammadpur bus stand. The road not only links two areas but also in reality two distinct lifestyles. The inhabitants of Dhanmondi are comparatively rich, well-educated and lead a modern life that is reflected in the shopping centers, apartments and institutions located in the suburb. Mohammadpur is the opposite, still clinging to past modes of living and traditions. Moreover Mohammadpur struggles to ensure a secure, quality living environment for its inhabitants ensuring that the elite classes are not attracted to live in Mohammadpur.

Satmasjid Road is an important road. Huge numbers of schools, colleges, universities, hospitals, restaurants, offices, mosques, residential buildings, bus stands line both sides of the road. Dhanmondi is designated as a residential area but it is becoming increasingly important as a commercial area.

Rifle Square, BDR Head Quarters, University of Liberal Arts Bangladesh, Northern University, Medinova, Asia Pacific University, UIU, Stamford University, State University, Almaz, Anam Rangs Plaza, OTOBI, IBN Sina, Meena Bazar, Grameen Phone, Shankor Plaza, Cyanot are all important modern organizations found along the road and thus contribute to its growing importance as a commercial centre. However, Sharirik Shiksha College, the Graphic Arts Institute, Commercial College, the Police Station are situated on the Mohammadpur side.

Moreover Abahoni Playing Ground, Star Kebab, Fukhruddin Restaurant, Koraie Gosto, Four Seasons, Baburchi, Loylati, Utshob, Brukoli, KFC, Four Seasons and a number of fast food shops have added to the value of the road as an entertainment area.

During Live Bits we screened a view of the road from a rickshaw that was ridden down the street and which provides the audience with a good virtual experience of both Satmasjid Road and riding rickshaw in dense traffic.

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