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Ray Hung (Simons) is a Corporate Accountant and Business Manager

Cousin Ray Hung (Simons) is a Corporate Accountant and Business Manager
Ray Hung (Simons) is the fourth son of my Uncle Miguel Hung and his wife Silvia Simons who was born in Santiago de Cuba. He is the youngest brother of Olivia Hung-Simons, Miguel Hung, and Dr. Santiago Hung, M.D. Cousin Ray Hung is younger than I am and always has been known to make open statements and remarks about anything, including his quote: “Life is A Party”—he has a big mouth for hire…
Cousin Ray Hung completed his college and university studies in Accounting and Business at the University of Florida, USA.
While he was studying at the University of Florida, Ray Hung worked in the Accounting and Business Department for Carnival Cruises based in Miami, Florida.
Ray Hung has travelled extensively around the world with his friends and family, including co-workers aboard Carnival Cruises.
This past summer, Ray Hung travelled to Japan and accompanied his sister Olivia Hung-Simons, who was formerly married to the historian Wayne Leaver, to visit his niece Moriah Haefner (Leaver) upon the birth of her third son, Vincent Haefner, with her Richard Haefner, a military officer in the U.S. Navy.
Ray Hung has been travelling to Japan every year since his niece Moriah got married and moved away to live with her husband and children Mike, Eleanor, and Vincent Haefner.

Figure 1 Cousins Olivia Hung-Simons with Grand-Daughter Eleanor, Cousin Ray Hung (Middle), and Moriah Haefner with son Mike Haefner in Japan on her birthday anniversary June 5th

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