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Presenting filmmaker Ryan Neil Postas.

Uncle Gene: For Peace from Ryan Neil Postas on Vimeo.

Who are you and what is your profession?
My name is Ryan Neil Postas. I am an independent filmmaker in Los Angeles and CEO of Elevated Minds Entertainment

Can you tell us a little about your background and upbringing?
I was raised in Erie Pennsylvania, close to the Great Lake. I spent a lot of time outside...wasn't the type that liked to stay indoors too long- no matter the weather. I was entertained enough by my own imagination and had an interest in photography at a young age. I believe that interest sparked my passion for Cinematography, which was how I made my entrance into the independent film industry. Only after receiving a couple degrees in Business did I make my way to Los Angeles for film school. I spent most of my time there working with the upperclassmen outside of the school. I had the fortunate opportunity to get hired onto a feature film that shot in Paris, France and spent an amazing six months working there. The places I went and the people I met opened my eyes to a new level of thinking in Cinema.

When I returned I created my own freelance production company: Elevated Minds Entertainment. Since 2005 I have been Producing, Directing and shooting projects independently through EME. Most notably, my first short film 'Seventh and Hill', made it's debut at Cannes International Short Film Corner. It has since been picked up for distribution online and is available worldwide.

What inspired you to be a filmmaker?
While still in College in Pennsylvania, I had the realization that my time there would soon be finishing and I would have to make the decision on what I'd do with my life. I knew I wanted to have my own company- I just didn't know what that company would be. The film Se7en, by David Fincher, is my favorite film and I watched it so many times, that I began studying it. I began studying other movies as well, but mostly Se7en. Then I began watching the Behind the Scenes, or the making-ofs and understood that there was a major business side of Hollywood. I felt, what better an industry is there to match my business knowledge and creative side, than film making? It felt right. I'm glad I made the choice I did.

Who are your heroes?
My father would have to be my only hero. There's not enough room to write all the things I can say about him. He has been a major inspiration in my life, grounded heavily in athletics. He was my swimming and water polo coach in High School and through him, I learned about setting goals for myself- Aiming to achieve and succeed. Without this motivation and knowledge, I do not believe I'd be here writing this right now. I would not have set goals for myself in life, or had the drive to succeed. I'm also a perfectionist just like him, which is both a gift and a curse! ;)

What story do you want to tell on 10.10.10?
I've been trying to decide what I'll be filming on 10.10.10. I would love the opportunity to film some type of charity event or a gathering of the minds...Something that shows progress and hope for the future. I'm still researching what is happening that day, but I have yet to find THE topic.

Why is this important to you?
Filmmaking has the amazing opportunity to become timeless. No matter what happens to any of us, those films will exist and continue to tell stories. If people can unify to tell the story of one day in time, who wouldn't want to be a part of capturing that? An opportunity to say, I was here and this is what I did.

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Comment by Lee Mirrer on November 9, 2010 at 6:49pm
Beautiful, I love what you wrote about who you are.


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