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The world's biggest diabetes campaign from Rahul Venkit on Vimeo.

Dear friends, fans, and participants,

It is our pleasure to bring you our profile spotlight of Rahul Venkit. Venkit is a traveling multimedia journalist who covers a variety of stories in a variety of countries. Currently he is involved with World Diabetes Day, the largest diabetes awareness campaign on the planet.

Hi Rahul, please tell us a little bit about your profession.
[I'm] A journalist first, I'd like to think. I currently work as the multimedia manager of a health NGO, the International Diabetes Federation, in Brussels.

Can you tell us a little about your background and upbringing?
Always been a bit of a nomad. I'm a south Indian born in the east and brought up in the west of the country. Graduated in economics in India, then studied broadcast journalism at Westminster Uni, London. I've spent the last 9 years as a multimedia journalist in Beijing, London, Singapore and my hometown - Pune, India.

What inspired you to be a filmmaker?
A mix of insatiable curiosity, an obsession with strong visuals and an overdose of adrenalin. A touch of masochism helps.

Who are your heroes?
No one famous, to be honest. Which says a lot: inspiration can come from anywhere and anyone. As long as you have your eyes - and mind - open.

What do you feel you want to shoot on 10.10.10?
It's still a long way off, so I'll gauge the zeitgeist and go with something topical. Maybe focussing on the 10 fingers most living creatures have. We use them to do so many things. Play piano, hold a loved one's face... let's see how inspiration strikes.

Why is this important to you?
I like what it stands for - creativity, unity, people power, internationalism. There are too many barriers in the world today. More so than ever before. If for one day, we can put aside our differences and share a common vision, the sky is the limit.

Name: Rahul Venkit
Location: Brussels, Belgium

One Day On Earth thanks Rahul Venkit for agreeing to join us on 10.10.10 to film his passions.

All the Best,
The One Day On Earth Team

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