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Who are you and what is your profession?

My name is Kevin William Strick and I am a video editor and motion graphics artist.  I currently work for Roadtrip Productions and help make content for Roadtrip Nation.



Kevin Strick's One Day On Earth from kevin strick on Vimeo.


Can you tell us a little about your background and upbringing?

I was born February 7th, 1979 and was raised in Southern California in the city of Mission Viejo.  I went to college at San Diego State University.  I had a nurturing upbringing in the suburbs and was encouraged to go after whatever made me happy.  I kept myself occupied with comic books, skateboarding, Star Wars, and music.


What inspired you to become a filmmaker?

Skateboarding videos and action movies.  A friend of mine in elementary school was a child actor and had a video camera as well as an active imagination.  We would act out action scenes from whatever action film that was popular at the time.  Schwarzenegger, Stallone, Willis, Van Damme... those guys were gods!  Then in middle school I got really into skateboarding and skate videos became my gospel.  After school, my friends and I would videotape each other's skating and I started to make my own skate videos with the classic 2 VCR setup.  This led into high school video production classes and then into being a film major in college.  I guess it's kinda something I've always done.


Who or what do you most admire?

Creative people.  I admire anyone that is producing something, whatever that may be.  Too many people sit back, point fingers, and complain about stuff but never really do anything about it or try to actually create any sort of change, even if its just for themselves.  So I tend to admire anyone willing to step outside the box and try something new, regardless of whether it works or not.  It takes courage to think and do anything like that so my hat goes off to you.


What did you film on 10.10.10?

I had this epic plan to make a full skate part with some time lapses on that day with my friend Willie Witte.  I ran into some technical problems (naturally) like trying to figure out the exposure for the sunrise, the batteries not being fully charged, running out of tapes, I almost missed the sunset... the list goes on.  The day before I skated too hard so my legs were really sore and my skating wasn't working out too well.  By night time I was super tired and just over the whole project in general.  I got a last minute burst of adrenaline at about 9pm that night and painted the 'One Day On Earth' logo on the deck that I had skated earlier that day.  I finished the painting by midnight with only 2 or 3 minutes to spare.  Once I started to edit the piece, it became quickly apparent that I had a lot more slams than I did landed tricks so that became the focus of the video.  My friend Ray Ricafort had just produced a song as a tribute to his dog Benny that had just passed away and that's the song that's in the video.  So in an abstract way I did end up making a skate part with some time lapses after all.


What are you planning on filming for 11.11.11?

I have this epic plan to make a full skate part with some time lapses... :)


One Day On Earth Outtake - Skateboarding Mixdown from kevin strick on Vimeo.

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