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Elke Specker films fascinating underwater subjects with a deft hand and a cool sense of narrative. With her company In2 Focus Media and a true international perspective, she explores the Maya Underworld of Xibalba and more... read on!

Xibalba, The Maya Underworld from IN2 Focus Media on Vimeo.

This film was featured at the San Diego UnderSea Film Exhibition on Oct. 12, 2013, one of the most prestigious underwater film festivals worldwide. Filmed during a weeklong trip to the cenotes in Tulum, Mexico, diving seven different cenotes, from deep pit cenotes with clouds of hydrogen sulphide, to spectacular cave formations, haloclines and beautiful root structures with aquatic life. This film is about Xibalba, which translates as “place of fear” to the Maya, who believed that the cenotes were gateways to Xibalba, the underworld.

Find out more here: In2 Focus Media.

One Day on Earth: Who are you and what is your profession?
Elke: I’m a senior graphic designer and media director, working on a freelance basis through my company In2 Focus Media.
I design, photograph and shoot video for corporate clients. I’m a Director, Member of the Board, at the San Diego UnderSea
Film Exhibition (SDUFEX).

One Day on Earth: Can you tell us a little about your background and upbringing?
Elke: I was born in Cologne, Germany, grew up in Malmö, Sweden, then later moved to London, England and finally ended up
in San Diego, where I’ve lived over 15 years. I grew up traveling the world from an early age, my parents worked for Lufthansa,
so it became a way of life for me.

One Day on Earth: What inspired you to become a filmmaker?
Elke: The ocean has always been a major attraction to me, so my destinations were always linked to water, and I snorkeled all
the time, until one day in Tahiti, I tried scuba diving for the first time and was hooked. That’s when I discovered my passion for
documenting and filming the underwater world and marine life encounters, which the led to corporate, promotional videography,
an important addition to my graphic design and product photography business.

One Day on Earth: Who or what do you most admire?
Elke: I admire people who are able to support themselves and family, and at the same time living the life of their dreams.

One Day on Earth: What do you have?
Elke: I have a very fortunate life, I have a beautiful daughter, we’re experiencing the world both over- and underwater together,
appreciating different cultures, understanding and accepting diversity and opinions.

One Day on Earth: What do you need?
Elke: I need to focus more on sharing some of my experiences, my insight and my vision through different channels...
filmmaking is the perfect tool to reach and teach people, about Ocean and Marine Life Conservation. Need to get out and shoot

One Day on Earth: How was your 12.12.12?
Elke: My 12.12.12 was not as I had planned, due to diving and weather conditions. I wanted to film underwater locally in our
kelp forest, but ended up at my favorite restaurant on the bay, shooting a time lapse of the overcast sunset.

One Day on Earth: What projects are you working on now?
Elke: I recently returned from a dive trip to the Komodo Islands in Indonesia, with a plethora of underwater footage, which I’m
currently working on. It will be a five minute film, with Komodo Dragons, pristine coral reefs and billions of fish. Still working on
the script.

One Day on Earth: Any advice for filmmakers who aspire to film your type of material?
Elke: I would advise underwater filmmakers to try to shoot selectively and to develop a storyline, maybe adding narration.
Keeping the video short and focused. Not always as easy as it sounds, within an unpredictable marine environment. Be safe
and have fun!

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