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I'm about to go and make sure the cameras are in order and everything is ready for tomorrow. I won't start filming until I get up. No all nighter for me! I'll do what I can within the limits of the day. My plan is to try to get footage of my favorite winter bird that just arrived in my neck of the woods this month. The golden crowned sparrow. It sings my favorite Fall song. I will also try to capture some quality footage of my favorite neighbors, the hummingbirds. Next I will try to play a tune on my penny whistle. I may be learning a tune or playing one I already know. We'll see. I had my heart set on learning, Wheels of the World, a jig. After that, I plan to carve a rubber stamp out of an eraser or carving block. It's something that I have done since high school and have not carved one in 6 years. It's a delicate operation but the end result is a personalized stamp that can be used to decorate letters or cards or anything you might want to imprint on.

I will also help my husband film his contribution to 10-10-10.

so good night all and happy film day!

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