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To some people, November 11th, 2011 is yet another regular day that may pass as much as the next one, aside from the funny coincidence that it carries 6 (ones) in it. Well, I beg to differ; for this day is a major event for the rapidly increasing community of One Day On Earth, as it is considered a day to embrace the humanity in all of its forms and remove the differences that stand as obstacles in the way of uniting the population of the globe, by bringing them to do but a simple thing; to videotape part of that day simultaneously in every country in the world, and reveal what each and every one of them has videotaped on 11.11.11 and sharing these videos with the rest of the world.


This idea has drawn my attention, through it's ease, simplicity and in the same time creativity in which it gives each person the space to be creative in his own way, that is; you choose the theme, idea and place of your video, and when and what to comment, and after that, a documentary will be made, featuring videos collected about this day from all countries of the world.


One Day On Earth is a 3 years old idea, being first thought of and planned in early 2008, and executed for the first time in 10.10.10, and it was a total success; videos from all the countries of the globe (192 countries, just imagine) were collected and viewed, including videos from war-torn countries like Iraq and Afghanistan, and the famine-savaged Africa.


This year, everyone is looking forward to this day to implement the idea he/she is thinking of, and to show the whole world how his/her country is on this day, making this day of 11.11.11, truly, one of a kind.


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