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The 10.10.10 One Day on Earth was screened in Kuala Lumpur by Empowerment Media.

Empowerment Media, as one of the contributors to the One Day on Earth, organized a film screening in Pantai Panorama Condo on 22 April 2012. The screening was welcomed not only by the local community, there were lecturers and filmmakers among the participants. Before the film started, the managing director of Empowerment Media said to the audience how happy she was when she had seen this wonderful and amazing film earlier this morning in the UM screening of the film. She explained that the film had been produced by hundreds of filmmakers around the world. “This film shows how our life is connected to each other all over the world and how much it is necessary to save the earth”. She said. She also added that when she was watching the film, there was only one thing in her mind that “none of the creatures is destroying the earth, but human beings”.

Mohammadreza Shams, the local producer in his very brief speech, talked about the film and why it was an important event. As a producer, he said that the “experience of participating in such global project, is like being local and global at the same time: something like being part of the local life, while your life or in other words your message goes everywhere. It is like to become ‘ge-localized’”.

Shams added that it seems we are in a village that is going to be screened. we are living in a village where people talk in different languages, have different dreams but share only one earth! The earth that is going to be screened in only two hours. He wished that many other filmmakers can join the movement of One Day on Earth for the next event on 12.12.12.

Source: (Empowerment Media website)

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