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My 12/12/12 Video WHAT I HAVE: An idea for a Global Truce Global Ceasefire Treaty. WHAT I NEED: A Nation To Sponsor The Treaty Into The UN

Please watch my video that I made for One Day On Earth 12/12/12.

I am calling for The National and International Peace Every Day Resolution and Treaty For Global Truce and Global Cease Fire: International Every Day Of Peace Day 9/21 to be formally sponsored and cosponsored by any two nations into the UN.

I am calling for The UN to unanimously ratify this resolution and to build upon UN Resolution 55/282 of 9/07/01 which established 9/21 of each year as the International Day Of Peace with a one day global truce and a one day global cease fire.

This resolution and treaty calls for International Peace Every Day to be established by all world leaders and all non state combatant leaders to come together in person at the UN or via video conferencing on 9/21 and simultaneously command all of their troops and armed forces to cease fire for at least one year every year.

Imagine that. All commanders of all armed forces on Earth coming together to simultaneously command their armed forces to cease fire. We can cease all war on Earth at once. Lets plan for this and lets do it. A one year annually renewable global truce and the global cease fire can be issued each year by all world leaders simultaneously in gala ceremonies and celebrations and gala events of international peace and collaboration.

I call for all world leaders and non state combatant force leaders to enroll themselves into the UN PEACE University program and learn how to lead peacefully.

I call for all world leaders, all religious leaders, all business leaders and all people around the world to say:

Global Truce Starts Now!
Global Cease Fire Starts Now!
May Peace Prevail On Earth and Let It Begin With Me.
Our Global Family Feud Ends Now!
Our Global Family Reunion Begins Now!

I am calling for each person to write, pray and say these words twice per day, once when they wake and once when they sleep each night.

I am calling for each person to write a nonviolent plan as to how they can help further peace on Earth and then to begin taking the steps needed to get this plan to come to fruition. If each person envisions themselves as being responsible to contribute to the creation of a global peace and will take on the responsibility to think about how that could possibly come about and then do it we will increase the peacefulness on Earth each day.

I am calling for humanity to stop fighting each other and join together to fight disease, environmental degradation and global climate change before it is too late. We must clean the water and land environment of toxic waste from past wars and military experiments.

We have to find organic alternatives to pesticides and find ways to distribute healthier food around the world. We have to find the way to shelter and feed our growing population. Humanity is spending trillions of dollars each year on the military related efforts. I am suggesting that we redeploy that money to improve our relationships with each other and to help each other to overcome our problems in life.

If we fight the wrong battle and win the war against each other but lose the fight to save the environment we may wind up losing life on Earth and that will be a horrific tragedy that could have been avoided.

Lets establish an annual day of global apology, amends and reconciliation. Let's begin to mend the hurts that we have inflicted on each other. Let's get the help that we need to overcome our addictions that are fueling wars around the world.

We must become sustainable and green or we and our future generations will unfortunately suffer the consequences.

Please see my website at

Please help me unify all world leaders to command their troops to cease fire

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