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9:30 am: English class was very busy while my desk neighbor whispered lines Romeo whispered to Juliet in “Romeo and Juliet.” We had a vocabulary test with many difficult words, then we read the death scene for the classical novel Romeo and Juliet by William Shakespeare. The book is full of humor and tragedy, and has very sensual details.

10:09 am: In gym, we played a game with a basketball named “knock out.” It is a crazy game in which we try to out shoot each other. Towards the end, basketballs were going crazy and everyone was ducking out of the way to avoid getting hit by the balls.

11:00 am : About ten minutes ago we had peer minister groups, and we discussed the do’s and dont’s of Winter Formal. Everyone is excited for the winter dance. We also discussed peer pressure and we need to feel comfortable with who we invite. We don’t have to go with a guy sometimes going with a group of girls could be more fun then going with a guy.

11:40: In French class right now, we have a shadow, or a person who is visiting us so they might come to our school next year.

2:45 pm: In Religion class right now and I can’t wait until school ends. This weekend i am celebrating my fifteenth birthday and my boyfriend’s Eagle Scout ceremony.

5:00 pm: I am going to my old coach’s pool to check my technique /and say hi to her. I miss my coach, she meant so much to me.

9:00 pm: Swim practice is over, and i am so sore! My coach was so glad to see my teammate/carpool and i. She totally worked our brains out!!

10:00 pm: I am about to go to bed right now, but when i got home from practice, my mom made a panini (a type of sandwich) and a glass of milk for me. then i got ready for bed, and that was my day

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