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Mass Burial - Tripoli, Libya FEB 22

Tuesday, FEB 22:  Our contacts inside Libya shared a saddening story with us and were brave enough to send us these shocking images.  The video and images below were shot in the aftermath of Gadaffi's death squads. We have been told many residents of Tripoli fear to even collect the corpses in the street, as Libyan Forces are reportedly firing at random.

Exact location:

Ashaat Cemetery - Tripoli - Libya
32 54' 30" N 13 14' 46" E



A telling image as to the sentiment in Tripoli:

Burial in Tripoli, Libya FEB 22

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Comment by Patrick Kamotho on February 23, 2011 at 2:32am

We are very saddened by Regimein Libya.This is crime on Humanity,Col.Gaddafi must be charged for all the crimes committed by his gorvernment.

We wish to pass our condelences to the families that have lost their loved ones.God is in your side.

Kenyans are with you in Prayers and support.

Patrick Kamotho


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