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Entry 1
6:40 am
I wake up listening to Chris Brown. Wow, I was really jamming, laugh out loud I was singing, dancing, and jumping around to that song. I bet my mom and my sister was like what is that girl doing in there. Anyway after that little ordeal, I go into the kitchen and get some Captain Crunch cereal; by the way I only eat the berries. After that my mom and my sister are just getting in the car. Now that my sister is finally out of the bathroom doing only God knows what. I can finally go take a shower. After that I was off to school.

Entry 2
7:42 am
My mom drops me off at my school Notre Dame de Sion. I'm so pumped for Biology ( that's my first hour class).I take my biology things and go to the cafeteria .Since I got there a little early, I could finish my biology notes. Just as I finish the first bell rings, so I pick my things up and I’m off to biology with Mrs. Norberg.

Entry 3
I was in the classroom for about thirty seconds, when the rest of my class mates walked in a lot of them had their
phones out to take pictures, and record videos. Biology was hilarious! It was funny to see my classmates acting so silly.

Entry 4
After Biology, I'm headed to English. Right now we are reading Romeo and Juliet. I used to wonder why we are reading this book because Romeo and Juliet both die in the end, what a tragic ending. Honestly i like the book there are a lot of things I didn't know, like they came from two families that hated each other. In the back of my head I'm thinking these two families don't even know why they hate each other, why not just forgive and forget.

Entry 5
It's funny because we sit at the same table every day, it’s kind of like we have assigned seats, but today we have peer ministry groups. I had the normal chips and fruit. The girls talked about winter formal dates. I think some of the girls are starting to get really messy. Anyway as of now I’m not sure on if I’m going. It sounds fun, but too much of a hassle, but it could just be that I’m being lazy.

Entry 6
Since this is A week I go to Tech Lit. Lately we have been looking at this three d printer. I think there are very interesting to look at. Mrs. Childers made her 3d printer at, I was thinking to myself wow it looks so complex. She must have had a lot of patience to do that. I know that I probably would have paid someone to build it for me. Also by me doing that it would probably decrease the risk of me breaking something.

Entry 7
Once I got home from basketball practice, I took a shower because I was a little ripe. About thirty minutes later I was refreshed and BO (body odor) free. Since it’s a Friday I think I’m going to take a nap, because I am busted. I won't be doing homework for a couple hours! Cheers to the freakingweekend!

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Comment by Mrs. Childers on December 11, 2011 at 12:12pm

What a lively and interesting portrait of your day. You're so honest and funny. I think you have a wonderful writing voice and I hope you will pursue that.


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