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Entry 1 on 11/11/11 7:20: When I woke up in the morning I put on my uniform. I had no breakfast this morning. I went to school early so that I could finish something for a teacher.

Entry 2 on 11/11/11 8:30: In Tech Lit class we got excited because today is the special day for the A Day In the Life project. We worked on making things to 3D print. I made an account on TinkerCad. This website is what enables you to create things to print.

Entry 3 on 11/11/11 9:30: In Faith Foundations we had a prayer leader. This prayer leader first told information on a Saint and then read a prayer. Then we learned about Finals Binders, because Semester Finals are coming up. After Faith, we had clubs, the main club today was Service Club but I am not in it so I had an extra Study Hall.

Entry 4 on 11/11/1110:30: In Algebra we learned the Function Formation. A lot of people think it’s hard but it’s really not, even for me and I’m not the brightest. Because of this class I received a lot of homework over the weekend.

Entry 5 on 11/11/11 11:45: In English we read the book, “The Color of Water” this book is a very good book. We went over the chapters we read for homework and got participation points for answering questions she asked us.

Entry 6 on 11/11/11 1:45: In Spanish today we had a fiesta. I am a day behind because I was sick so I have to take a test in that class. But our fiestas are fun because we eat lots of food.

Entry 7 on 11/11/11 2:45: In Biology I am behind a day also. Today we were talking about a lab we were doing and I was very confused until I started to get the hang of things. Then we received our homework and we were done for the day!

Entry 8 on 11/11/11 3:30: This Friday I came home from school and hung out with one of my friends for a while. Then I updated my iTunes account. I love downloading new music. Then I went to a football game. The team lost by 3 because their kicker missed the last kick.

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Comment by Mrs. Childers on November 30, 2011 at 7:27am

This really gives a clear picture of what happened throughout your day. Sorry you missed that fiesta -- I know those are a lot of fun!

Comment by courtneyt_nds on November 29, 2011 at 1:04pm

I also enjoy food. Sorry you didn't eat breakfast. I personally love breakfast. I remember that missed field goal too, unfortunate. Good work.


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