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This performance is a reflection, a very personal response to Veterans Day. I drove to a nearby National Park - Golden Gate National Recreation Area, just North of San Francisco, CA. I hiked a short distance up a bluff to a historic structure, once an active part of Fort Cronkhite called Battery Townsley. In 1940 two 16 - inch caliber guns, each capable of shooting a 2,100 pound, armor-piercing projectile 25 miles out to sea were a part of our WWll Seaside Defense network.


I used the space as a stage for my site specific performance. My 'costume' is a ready made bulky bag typically used to transport landscaping materials and foodstuffs. Its features include 4 durable handles used by a fork lift in transit and 2 gusseted portals at either end for loading and delivery of materials. It is large enough to inhabit. Instead of being claustrophobic its diffused light and interior spaciousness becomes... just another protective layer.



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