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My day began at the Bartleson Ranch in Arroyo Grande. My brother manages this ranch where they grow lemons and avocados; I shot the photo of a hawk riding updrafts over the avocado trees there.

My number one reason for being on California's central coast, though, was to support my brother at the launch of a business has nurtured to fruition for a decade; Casta Negra Tequila. It's unveiling on November 11, 2011 represents a long and arduous process of building a business in Mexico and the US in which participants on both sides of the border will share 50/50. I am so proud of him. The second photo is of me on the left (older sister), Steve, and Anne (younger sister).

The third photo was the beautiful end to an eventful day. I shot the sunset from the deck of a home in Cayucos, California where the Casta Negra launch party was attended by many interesting and interested people who enjoyed the quality tequila and good Mexican food and wished my brother and his company smooth sailing and luck.

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